Maui's AAW Chapter Club "Unleash your Creativity"

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A historic picture!! Maui Woodturners Association founding Members!!

We have all skill levels at our club. From masters woodturners, beginners, and intermediate. Below each member has provided us some pictures of their work. For more pictures check our photo gallery

Maui Woodturners Association Club Members:

Vice President
Craig Lekven: He is Maui Woodturners Association Vice President. A talented turner and lots good organizational skills.
Hollow Form
Craig's Hollow form. 7 inches tall and 4 wide. Monkeypod wood.
Wayne Omura
Wayne Omura: Wayne is our Treasurer. Another Master Woodturner. He specializes in translucent Island Norfolk Pines.
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A beautiful translucent pine bowl made by Wayne Omura
Makawao Turner
Emiliano Achaval. Emiliano was voted as first President of The Maui Woodturners Association. He is known for his Maui Koa bowls. To know more about him check:
Kuoho Calabash
Hawaiian Koa Ku'oho Calabash, by Emiliano Achaval
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Ed Romson. Ed is our club’s secretary. Always eager to help, and making sure our fledgling club is off to a great start.
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While he is setting up his shop, Ed satisfies his creative side working on Hawaiian “Ipu” gourds.
Karl Wenger: Karl is one of Maui’s premier cabinet makers and woodworker. He is starting to turn on his Nova Lathe. His knowledge makes him a great asset to the club. (Picture coming soon)
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Mango, Koa and Camphor bowls. Nice work Karl!
Jim Wilkus
Jim Wilkus: Jim is one of our “Snowbirds” member. When the time comes to start shoveling snow in his native Underwood, Minnesota, Jim comes with his wife Sue to sunny Maui. We look forward for the time of the year when he comes to the Island.
Natural Edge Bowl
A Basswood Natural Edge turned by Jim
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Bob Escobar: Bob and his wife Kathleen just recently purchased a great lathe. He’s eager to learn, a fun guy to have at our meetings.
Picture coming soon!
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Kathleen Escobar: Kathleen and her husband Bob are both founding members of the MWA.
Picture coming soon!
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Andy Cole: Andy is without a doubt one of Hawaii’s most well know turners. He was our first off island demo. We are very lucky to have him as a member.
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Macadamia Nut tree nested Bowl set. Andy’s signature work.
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Bill McBride: a talented woodturner, a great addition the club. Always willing to help. An engineer by profession, great to have him on board.
Picture of his work, coming soon!
Jay Tefft
One of our professional woodturners, Lahaina resident Jay Tefft.
Cook Pine Bowl
A nice Cook pine bowl on Jay's Union Graduate lathe.
Life Member
Honorary Lifetime Member of the Maui Woodturners Association: Betty Scarpino. One of the world's best and most famous woodturners. It's a privilege to have her as a club member
Betty Scarpino Artwork
Artwork by Betty Scarpino, from the series "Altered Plates"